Our Brick n Mortar Store


Hi! Welcome to my blog on Styling and Designing Interiors  ...  this is my world of Design Inspiration. I am an Interior Designer and currently into product designing and curating collections. Last year we launched my personal Label - Rajee Sood  ... we retail our products on-line from time to time through  a pop up store on our website.
What motivates me is the need to keep creating or discovering pieces that make a home ... exquisite ... stylish ... and very - very personal.
Each day ... week ... month  ... at work for us ... is like an adventure trip ... meeting and working with people from across the globe. It is a funny moment to realise how we are all so similar in what we love and what makes us all happy.
It is a crazy...heady ... intoxicating ...  mix of emotions to meet all the creative people following their passions and redefining the professions out there.

We will also try to keep you updated with all that happens at Label - Rajee Sood  ... what we do  ... what we love ... and sometimes, even how we goof up... ;) Its all about things in a days job.We love to hear from you ... feel free to e-mail us for any queries you may have...if you love what we do ... if you like any of our products ... or if you simply want to join us in the global village ;))
Or just drop by to say Hello ....

email us at - rajeesoodhome(at)gmail(dot)com
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